The mysterious Nazca Lines

Why is there something so exciting about a phenomenon that no one truly knows anything about?


In the depth of the Nazca desert in southern Peru, there are markings from centuries ago. The Nazca lines are a mixture of animals like birds and monkeys, shapes and even humans. What is so fascinating to me, is that the experts can only speculate on their reason for existing, the people who created them and their use for lines.

Unsurprisingly there is speculation on who created the lines, from ancient Naza people to aliens. The majority of researchers seem to conclude that the lines have religious significance. The number of severed heads that have been found in and around the lines also indicate their use in religious ceremonies and sacrifices.

One theory is that the lines were created to be seen by deities from the sky and years later, Mark and I got on board this tiny rickety plane, our nose full of petrol and the wind in our hair.


They did not disappoint.







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