Golden Condors

So the bad news is we won’t be making it to Antarctica. We’re both absolutely gutted and after a few days licking our wounds, we decided there was no point crying over spilled milk and that as we were here in South America we should make the most of it. Sooo… we’re now in Peru!

I’ve always wanted to visit Peru for as long as I can remember. Actually, i’ve always wanted to visit the place the where the kids flew around in the Golden Condor, which they did in a cartoon called the Mythical City of Gold. One of my earliest memories is watching this TV programme on CBBC in the late 80’s, until a few years ago when I fell into a google hole I didn’t know what the programme was called as I use to refer to it as the Golden Condor.

golden condor

I’ve not much idea what it was about apart from a few children and the odd adult flying round in a giant golden condor shaped plane looking for El Dorado. It does have a very catchy soundtrack though. The area they are in is clearly Gran Columbia and around the Andes and for some reason I decided when I was very young it was Peru.

I may have settled on Peru cause we use to have a book in the house when I was growing up about mysteries and unexplained phenomena in the world. Stonehenge was featured as was the giant chalk man that sits on the side of the motorway somewhere in the south-west of England and a double page spread was dedicated to the mystery of the Bermuda triangle. Things in the book scared me as a young child and I use to be afraid to look inside it by myself, it had a Jumanji like feel to it…like I’d get sucked into the book and left stranded on Easter Island if I read it for too long.
The cover of the book had pictures of a strange alien-like symbol that was carved into the ground, the symbols are in Nazca which we’ll hopefully visit while in Peru. A whole chapter of the book was dedicated to the mysteries of Peru, hopefully, we’ll get to visit a few in the coming days.

One of the countries early leaders was Simon Boliver a personal hero of mine and someone who’s achievements & what he stood for doesn’t get mentioned enough in classrooms in the UK.

We have been hoovering up information online on Peru and we’re throwing the trip together as we go along. There is a lot of conflicting information for travelers online & we’ll no doubt make some mistakes along the way but as always I’m looking forward to the adventure and hopefully I’ll get to ride in the Golden Condor.

One thought on “Golden Condors

  1. Jeanette

    Memories!!!! Son I remember so well reading the book with you and watching the program. You were 2/3 years old , still only picture reading and called the program “The Golden Condor ” and how you wanted to fly on the big bird .
    Enjoy your trip to Peru

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