It’s not the end of the world

After some time waiting around at the end of the world (as the most southern town in Argentina calls itself) for a potential replacement boat to Antarctica and tireless negotiations on our behalf the dream of conquering the 7th continent is dead in the water.

We are naturally very gutted, the complications that occurred were not even an option on our radar. I am not going to get into the sadness, its too soon. I quit my job to go on this once in a lifetime opportunity and would not have traveled otherwise. The financial implications are huge, the unexpected hotel stays, food and inevitable activities were never part of the plan, accommodation and food were meant to be on the boat. Not to mention the mental state of being in limbo for over two weeks and not being able to travel far from the charming but quiet town of Ushuaia.

But we are also really aware that not being able to get on a boat to Antarctica is a #firstworldproblem that no one’s heart is going to bleed over.

We are not going to Antarctica, but we were faced with a difficult choice. Cut our losses and head home with our tails between our legs or go on another adventure?

In some ways going home would be the easy option, we have no route or months of research and I don’t do unplanned adventures. In all honesty, when we first got the news this is all I wanted to do, we started to look at the cost of booking an early flight home.

But going home is also the coward’s option (and costly in its own right), we have been afforded this time off and have traveled to the end of the world and came here to do something special damn it. The decision to travel was in no way easy and we haven’t figured out all the details yet but we are going to go on a mini adventure.

So far we have mostly traveled around Patagonia, the south of Argentina and its buzzing capital, Buenos Aires. Patagonia is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to, the beauty is overwhelming. It is hard to appreciate it at the time because everywhere you go, airports included have endless panoramic vistas. I got to walk on a glacier and hang out with Penguins. I take a ton of good memories back home with me.

But it is hard to shake off Antarctica in the south, everywhere you go there is a reminder of some kind. Be it the many ice bars of El Calafate, the education and ecological campaigning of the Glacier museum or simply overhearing a group buzzing about their upcoming trip out there. The Argentines are so proud of their link to Antarctica (and for good reason) but for a couple of adventurers who came close but who now definitively cant go, its all a bit of a slap in the face.

Moving onwards and upwards literally, we have decided that the next step in this adventure will take us to Peru. Flights to Lima are booked and accommodation for two nights there is sorted. Beyond that, it’s going to be an adventure.

Stay tunned.




2 thoughts on “It’s not the end of the world

  1. Sally

    I’m gutted for you, but good on ya for pulling yourselves up and getting on with an alternative adventure.. Things happen for a reason and i bet this new schedule will be amazing. Never say never, you may get your opportunity to see Antarctica another time, but right now, go with this body swerve and relish ut! Lots of love Sally and Andy xxx

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  2. Alannah

    I’m sad it hasn’t worked out in the way you thought it might but hopefully this opens up a new door and journey which push’s you outside your comfort zone in a different way, as you haven’t really had a chance to plan! Xx


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