Sea Lions & Penguins, & birds, oh my!

Determined to see some Penguins and other wildlife, we got on a sailboat and went on a little trip along the Beagle channel, where we met some Penguins, Sea Lions, and friends.


This was a fantastic opportunity to develop our sea legs and test those all so important seasickness tablets. I am delighted to report that the tablets worked on this short and smooth journey, it doesn’t take much usually for me to feel a bit ill. Phewww!


Our journey starts at scenic Almanza port, a small crab fishing village an hours drive away from Ushuaia. Almanza is a resting place for tired fishermen who have spent all day looking for crabs, long before they are to be cooked and appear on the plates of all the best restaurants in town.


We quickly take in the panoramic views but Penguin Island is calling!


We start sailing to the southernmost part of the Beagle Channel, using a sailboat is fantastic, you get the wind in your face and up close and personal with all the fantastic wildlife. There is something primitive about it, not to mention it is the most environmentally friendly way to see all the animals in their natural habitat.


We pass Gable Island, Chile is on one side and Argentina on the other, with a myriad of islands and mountains making up the beautiful backdrop.


Stop! Hammer time. The main event of the tour was Martillo Island which is called Hammer Island due to its shape and home to heaps of cute Penguins, Sea Lions, and birds.


In this case, pictures are much better than words in conveying the beauty, so here are some of our photography of these magnificent creatures.


I can’t recommend the guys we used [Paludine] enough, check out their Facebook page here if you are looking at doing a trip.


P.S. Do people get the title is a wizard of oz reference? Mark has never seen the film apparently and doesn’t get it.

P.P.S. There are so many pictures I wanted to share but the internet is so slow it’s taken days to get these up. Instagram is easier for some reason…

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