Life on the road

We are currently on the road to nowhere. Since plans to go to Antarctica on a sailboat have fallen through, we are making it up as we go along. We are also in limbo as a promise of a boat on the 25th still holds us back from making grander plans.

Plan B 

Inbetween the adventure and excitement [of which there is so much to explore here!], there is a lot of downtime and hours spend booking and re-booking travel and accommodation for the next few days. This is frustrating because it can be costly booking things at last minute and also we can’t wander too far from Ushuaia – for now!

After a week or so in Ushuaia, we have come to the vibrant town of Calafate, we managed to get some reasonable flights and have stayed in a mixture of hostels with bunk beds and fancy hotels with dropped rates due to a huge concert taking place next door. It’s been a fun adventure but I’ve had to adapt to this taking it one day at the time mentality that does not come naturally to me. I’m a planner and like to get good deals.

Life on the road 

We have both come to hate, check out days, as so much time is wasted. Check-in time in Argentine is typically from 3.30pm onwards and check out is at 10am sharp. So the aim of the game is to find a hotel with 3-4 days availability in a row but at the same time not committing to a non-refundable place as the plans and promises made change daily.

Budgeting is another thing that is next to impossible, we want to do lots of cool things [and usually on holiday we tend to splurge a bit], but we don’t know how long we may be on the road like this and have to measure ourselves. In a funny way, going to Antarctica would work out much cheaper as there is no food, accommodation or anything else to spend on and obviously we hadn’t planned on a six week holiday.

Yummy budget lunch, made by Mark.

The majority of places we have stayed have not had cooking facilities and whilst I love getting clean towels and having a private bathroom, I think we are starting to crave home-cooked meals. Vegetables don’t seem to be high up on the Argentine agenda, anything outside of meat and carbs does not get a look in. Even supermarkets have a limited offering in this area.

The Internet is super slow out here too, I haven’t blogged much because it takes so long to load and upload, picture 90’s style dial-up broadband where images load in three or four segments… Transferring the photos from our cool adventures takes time too, so watch this space for intermittent stuff.

Holding on to the dream 

The captain of this potential ‘new’ boat to Antarctica wants to meet us and we are on call as such as we may have to go back to Ushuaia at any time. I look forward to one weeks time where we will know for definite if we are going or not and everyone can move on with their lives.

Are we fools for trusting the same guys and waiting around for two weeks on the off chance? Probably, but Antarctica is so close, I can almost smell the fishy penguin air and feel the crisp cold wind on my face.  We can’t give up just yet! 

This dream scenario of going to Antarctica will also end up costing us thousands in rescheduling flights and being out of work even longer. The decision was not an easy one to make and I was pretty insistent on bailing for a while. Yet here I am, to have such adventures, it seems one must first take a chance and try their luck.




One thought on “Life on the road

  1. Sally

    Such an adventure though Sabina, you’ll never forget this, and won’t regret sticking it out. Hope your dream of your boat comes true and you’re soon off to the end if the earth! Good luck 🤞 Sally and Andy xx


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