We climbed a mountain to look at a Glacier. *Spoiler Alert* It is melting!

Martial Glacier is a mountain just outside of Ushuaia, a magnificent glacier that is the biggest source of fresh water for the whole town. Marcial Glacier lies 1,050 meters above sea level, this is nearly as high as Snowden in Wales.

We climbed Marcial Glacier and made a silly video.  

mgMartial Glacier is melting! 

It is summer in Ushuaia and pretty warm for here, even though we are walking around in our warmest clothes. On our way back down the mountain, the sun had started to come out and it was really very warm [typical].

Scientists predict that Martial Glacier could disappear by 2020. It is crazy to think that the glacier we saw won’t exist in just a short couple of years. Apart from the devastating effects of climate change across the world, this is especially poignant for Ushuaia as they will need to look for a new source of water. At the moment 76% of the city’s water comes from here.

And finally, some pictures of the beautiful views, the glacier [and our ugly mugs].

20180210_124225.jpg I wanted to give up here and have Mark do the rest alone.
At the top, next to a blank looking sign. Worth the hike.


2 thoughts on “We climbed a mountain to look at a Glacier. *Spoiler Alert* It is melting!

  1. Jude Machado

    Sabin, interesting comment on not having water in a few years. Should have left water.com stickers every where!!!! Glad you both are enjoying the extra time and visiting far flung places. The scenery is majestic and the walks seems truly challenging. More pics and more stories on the blog please.

    Liked by 1 person

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