It’s not all plain sailing

Like every ambitious and slightly mad adventure, our one is having some bumps. At the start of embarking on such a journey, we were told that the most important thing you can pack with you is patience. I thought that this would be required for the actual boat journey to Antarctica but it seems like I need to unpack this sooner than expected.

The boat we were planning on traveling to Antarctica with was already the backup boat.  The vessel we had originally planned to travel on was ditched due to engine problems. Months ago we were told that everything was OK, we had a new vessel, this boat looked sturdy, had an experienced captain and a website.

As we stand today, this new boat, I quote ‘has had a better offer’ financially and will no longer be taking our group. [who knew that was an option?] so we are currently waiting to hear back about a potential boat and we have traveled down to Ushuaia. We hoped we may be able to secure a last-minute deal once here, but so far prospects are bleak.

This is seemingly what happens when you don’t joint a cruise ship or travel using agents and other typical methods. Other members of our would be group have found a boat willing to take them for a cool sum of £15,000 each, this is typically the kind of dough you need to secure yourself a spot on one of these vessels. This is not an option for us, so right now we are hoping for a miracle.


I am delighted to be in Ushuaia, the end of the world as locals call it and from our short stay, the only words I can use to describe our surroundings is to say that they are breathtaking. I can’t wait to see the glacier and explore the beauty amongst nature here. We will explore and trek but most importantly try our luck! The reality is there is a huge chance we may not go to Antarctica.

This is not the time to wallow in self-pity, we are at one of the most beautiful parts of the world and it is simply insulting to do so. The [new] plan is to stay in Ushuaia for a week, decide if we will take a risk on the newly promised boat midweek and otherwise start plotting a new adventure, traveling around South America.

I like the idea of going to Peru and doing the Inca trail, Mark would have liked to have gone to Rio, especially for carnival but we will miss carnival because of flight dates. Neither of us has traveled to South America before or indeed backpacked round anywhere, it will truly be an adventure.

Let us know any suggestions of countries and places we should visit, tips for getting around on a shoestring budget and watch this space to see what happens?!





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