Exploring Buenos Aires

We have an unexpected extra few days in Buenos Aires and have already started exploring this intriguing place.

Mark’s friend Tom, recommended we try the Empanadas which are tiny pastries not dissimilar to Cornish pasties from El Cuartito a little restaurant with great character. We were not disappointed! The little parcels look like something you would find in a hipster bar in Shoreditch, cute and small Cornish pasties filled with spicy minced meat, chicken, vegetables or ham, and cheese. The flavor was fantastic and despite their size, they are hugely satisfying. Sign me up for more of these!

Tom has a fantastic blog about his nine-month journey across Latin America and clearly great taste in food! Click here to read his blog about Buenos Aires and beyond.

We were walking around, partially lost, partially exploring when we stumbled across a bookshop. I love bookshops, I prefer to buy books in person. Discovering unknown authors and recommended reads is half the fun. The bookshop we came across, however, would make the most cynical critic stand back and take notice.


El Ateneo Grand Splendid certainly lives up to its name. I challenge you not to fall in love with its charm, the people reading quietly in the theatre booths and its grandeur. The old romance is certainly alive in Buenos Aires and nowhere more than El Ateneo.

On our second day in Buenos Aires, we hope to explore further afield from where we are staying, a trendy area called Palermo. However, until this evening, we are naturally staying indoors and watching the six nations rugby.



P.S. another picture of the grand bookshop, just because


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