Do you want a postcard from Antarctica?

There is a post office in Port Lockroy, the only post office in the whole of Antarctica. It’s hard to imagine but you can send postcards, love letters or even pay your bills from afar (as long as they don’t mind waiting for a few weeks).


Our journey to Antarctica and the destinations we get to visit are dictated by the elements. If we get to go to Port Lockroy and see the famous little red postbox, which is a big if! I would love to write about our travels and send out a load of postcards to all our loved ones.

I love sending and receiving post, in part, I credit this to the delightful parcels we would receive as children from friends and family that would come filled with chocolates and magazines.


If you would like us to send you a postcard from Antarctica (which no doubt you will frame immediately upon receiving and proudly display it in the loo). Which includes the coveted Antarctica stamp and a rare handwritten note from us that has traveled far to make its way to you. Then send us your address and we will do our best!* **


*Please don’t post your address here as a comment, text or message us

**We take no responsibility if you are subject to identity theft, please don’t post your personal details here



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