Getting our ‘kit’ together

It feels like the right time to write this blog post. The staff at Decathlon are starting to give me a knowing look of recognition. I have been there a few times this week and the last. Let’s just say we have been there a lot.


The other day I overheard a conversation between some people at the store about waterproof boots and had to stop myself from offering up advice. I had to remind myself that I know very little on the topic, despite the hours spent reading blogs, looking at youtube videos and of course kit lists.

Why are women’s sports and outdoor gear always pink?

Many people have been kind and lent us much of the items we needed with some of the biggest being Rucksacks and a go pro camera. Some people have been buying bits of kit and posting it to us, these wonderful care packages have been arriving unexpectedly. Do you think friends and family trust us to dress appropriately for this trip?

Despite the overwhelming generosity, things Mark already had from Rugby and things I already had from that time we climbed Scafell Pike -Mark climbed in Rugby gear and trainers- like walking boots and waterproof trousers. We have still had to buy a large amount of kit and spend the beloved Saturdays in Decathlon.

What do you need if you are traveling to Antarctica? 

For me, the best thing I have purchased so far is the lonely planet guide that was my Christmas present to myself. Apart from calming my nerves simply by existing, it goes into a great deal of detail in every area.

Starting with the best things to do and see, possible travel Itineraries, tips on how to plan a trip out there and how to get the best deals. As well as a survival guide, fascinating historical information and so much more!

Everyone knows you need to keep the hands and feet warm. I suffer from Raynaud’s which means this is the piece of kit I am most interested in. I am taking four different gloves with me, hand warmers and loads of socks.

  • Glove liners
  • Gloves
  • Mittens
  • Thermal Gloves
  • Sock liners
  • knee high socks
  • very thick socks!
  • Walking boots
  • fully waterproof boots/ snow trekking boots
  • trainers for the boat


  • 100% UV sunglasses
  • Snood material & Fleece
  • Hats/headbands
  • Sun cream

What I love about Decathlon is many of their items have signs on them that tell you how low a temperature they can give you warmth in and that they are effective under.


Body stuff

  • Windproof and Waterproof Jacket
  • A warm coat
  • Fleece, breathable shirts, and sweaters
  • Warm trousers / Waterproof trousers

I will never complain about dress shopping again, this stuff a load harder.


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