The Drake Shake

On our voyage, we will be traveling along the rough seas of the southern ocean, where stormy weather and vicious high winds are guaranteed. Perhaps it’s a warning that the climate you are about to enter is not kind natured, something to deter those first explorers. For thousands of miles, we will be at the mercy of the sea and the weather.

The most formidable of all is the Drake Passage, which we will need to pass in order to reach our elusive destination. It’s starting to dawn on me why so few people choose to travel to Antartica. Will this tax be worth it?

This stretch of water is also known as the ‘Drake shake’ or ‘paying the Drake tax’. When I first heard of it I had two thoughts, one was absolute all-consuming fear. I suffer from seasickness and have not been looking forward to the boat part of this journey.

The second thing that comes to my mind is this Drake meme. (If you missed it, you need this Drake meme compilation in your life.) I hope the image of Drake’s immense dance moves, appears everytime someone mentions the ‘Drake passage’ and this helps me through those tough days we are likely to be passing through the worst of it.


If I am going to get through this in one piece, I need drugs. All of the drugs. 

I used to have a foolproof method of avoiding getting seasick which involved categorically refusing to step foot on a boat regardless of how harmless it seemed. That strategy can only take you so far as it turns out.

I am heavily researching this area and so far, this is a list of all the ways I will try to avoid seasickness:

  • Seasickness drugs
  • Sleeping tablet drugs
  • Aquapuncture bracelet
  • Cry

It is a work in progress. If you have a better idea or something tried and tested let me know. I will try anything once.


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