I’m addicted to my phone and Antarctica has no signal

When we get on the boat in Ushuaia we’ll be largely out of contact with the rest of the world until we get back. Which will be very difficult for me. I’m addicted to social media, I am constantly checking facebook in case any family, friends or acquaintances have posted baby photos, dog videos or a hot new take on the failings of the UK government. Or more than likely just to comment on president Trumps latest feud.


Unable to check the internet I won’t have access to sports news at my fingertips. The first thing I do when I get out of bed is, check the BBC Sports gossip column and the Liverpool FC homepage to see if there is any movement around the club. I spend valuable minutes staring at league tables in football, rugby, and cricket just to stay on top of what is going on in these sports.
Am I mentally prepared to go through whole weekends without knowing what the score is?
 I’m going to miss the first leg of Liverpool’s Champions League knockout fixture with Porto…
The lack of internet also means that updates to this blog may well be sporadic at best and while I’ll no doubt have time to write on the boat posting to it won’t be regular.
My biggest worry is that something happens to my family at home and we won’t get to find out about it. Even worse, if we do find out, we won’t have any way of getting off the boat and getting back to them.
Whilst I do have some anxiety about communication, I am also looking forward to clearing my head. The feeling of not being contactable is really appealing. I do think being a slave to my phone is unhealthy. Learning to disconnect and being left alone with my thoughts should give me more time to read, think about my life and talk to the other people on the boat. Communicating with people face to face is considerably more enjoyable for me than communicating via a social media platform.
Modern life tends to make us define ourselves by our jobs, I’m guilty of this. Hopefully, spending the best part of a month on a boat will give me a broader self-worth then what I do to pay the bills and how quickly I can reply to an email.

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