Lights, camera, Action!

So we need to get kitted out for Antarctica…


We are adventurers now, so we have to start looking the part. It turns out looking the part, appears to be wearing lots of Rugby kit. Base layers made by all the top rugby brands such as Canterbury, Kooga, and Kukri appear to be high on the list of desired clothing for all explorers. After a lifetime in the front row, this suits my wardrobe absolutely fine.

Until I started planning this trip I didn’t realise that there was such a wide variety and price differential in sleeping bags. You may be shocked to know that you can spend up to £1000 on them. If you have any sleeping bag advice do get in touch.


I can’t take a picture for love or money, but Sabina manages to get good shots from her phone camera, which means that she is the official trip photographer.

We need a camera and this really was the hardest thing to decide on, you can spend anything from tens to thousands of pounds on cameras, various lenses and not to mention the accessories. I consulted loads of friends and family who are photographers, some enthusiastic amateurs, some professional and all of them had different suggestions and different reasoning for picking a certain camera or brand.

We did ponder not taking a camera, our phones can take a good photo and buying a camera means spending a decent bit of money on something complicated and then learning how to use it. In fact, after a few minutes in our nearest Jessops store and the assistant’s advice that we needed to spend over ten grand on kit that looked like what they shot the latest Star Wars movie with, we were left so confused we had all but given up on the idea of getting a camera.

However, with one last throw of the dice, we went to the London Camera Exchange on the Strand. Robyn talked us through different types of cameras. He took the time to listen to our needs and what we want to achieve with it and we left the shop having narrowed it down to a shortlist of two options and a new found understanding of camera terminology.

We settled on the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000. This camera is a ‘bridge’ between a point & shoot and a DSLR. It’s relatively idiot proof, will take a decent picture and good video… as long as the human operating it is competent. I also plan to take a GoPro and an external microphone for my phone so I can record great audio and video. It would seem a shame to go all the way to Antarctica and not be able to record it in any way.

If you have any tips on how to get good pictures and audio on this kind of trip, please let us know.


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