Polar bears in Antarctica

When I tell someone I am going to Antarctica I get a few standard responses. ‘Will you get to see any polar bears?’ ‘What wildlife do you get to see?’ Some people just scream loudly in my face – ‘I LOVE PENGUINS!!!!!’


This has taught me that there are two types of people in this world:

I. Those who know for a fact there are no polar bears in Antarctica. These people often look down on those people who don’t know this information. They also tell you there are no polar bears in Antarctica as soon as humanly possible.

II. People who don’t understand why asking if there are polar bears in Antarctica is such a bad question. These people start to wonder if bunking off Geography in favor of ‘real life skills’ such as reading Kerrang and watching MTV with their friends was a good idea after all. [just me?]

In any case, I hope this has helped answer future trivial pursuit and pub quiz questions.

Now excuse me whilst I get very excited about all the magnificent wildlife I will have the potential of spotting.

Wildlife in Antarctica 


Heaps of Penguins 

Apparently, there are over seven types of penguin in Antarctica and all of them adorable. I watched Attenborough’s documentary Bachelor King over the festive period and could not be more excited to get to Antarctica as a result. I hope to sit amongst them, on the cold uneven ground, to be surrounded by their penguin cries and be part of their cool black and white penguin gang.


If penguins aren’t your thing, I hope this seals the deal.

There seems to be six type of seal that we could cross paths with, I am most interested in the Elephant seals as they were featured in the aforementioned documentary. I fell in love with their mammoth size, their irritable persona that ensured any passing penguin who woke them was meant with dissaproving raws, and unapologetically lazy lifestyle, they are living their best life and lets face it we all wish we could be like them.


It is going to be a whale of a time. ;0)

Of course, there are many more wildlife wonders, from the formidable Petrels to the many different types of birds and fish.


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