Get your towels ready it’s about to go down

If you don’t like the comedy genius of the lonely island, one you won’t get the reference and two we can’t be best friends. [Get to the point Sabina]

Mark & I are going to Antarctica on a boat. 

Origami ships

This excursion is sure to permit us the title of adventurers. Adventurers because we are going to Antarctica, few people are lucky enough to travel over 1,000 Km further south from the most southern point of Argentina, just to be within a chance of standing next to an adorable penguin and getting a waft of its tangy fishy breath.

Simultaneously this voyage exposes Mark and I as the unlikely adventure duo we are. We neither have the gear nor an idea of what we are getting ourselves into. We have already had to seek advice on where you get those -good- cameras from*, and if walking boots and gloves will do? Simply the thought of being in a tiny cabin, feeling the relentless up and down motion, is enough to bring on a bout of sea sickness for me. Did I mention that I am not a big fan of the cold?

We are going somewhere so remote with such harsh terrain that my doctor told me:

‘you don’t need to worry about jabs for Antarctica, nothing survives there’
– Thanks Doc.

Surely once we take our first steps on that boat, we will become instant explorers – just add water – Who could say no to that? Mark wasn’t very subtle in sharing his decision to go solo, even if I didn’t throw caution and my career to the wind and join him. But wasn’t it me who always dreamed of being an explorer one day and who vowed to live life reinventing the box. This was not the time to chicken out, it was time to jump on board.

I’m all in.

Join us as we take this walk on the wild side together and figure out what adventure lays before us in the coming months.


*We still have not bought any cameras, recommendations in the comments please 🙂





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